Florentine steak: the main dish of Florence

Where to eat steak in Florence: the ideal restaurant

If you are looking for the best place to eat steak in Florence, you are in the right place. The city is famous for its Florentine steak, a delicious dish that requires some experience in preparation and a selection of high quality meat. Here is the restaurant that I recommend to best savor this typical Tuscan dish. If you want to taste the best Florentine steak in Florence, the Osteria Cipolla Rossa restaurant is the right place for you. With its long tradition in preparing steak and its welcoming atmosphere, Osteria Cipolla Rossa will make you live an unforgettable culinary experience. Book your table today and enjoy Florentine steak like never before.

Osteria Cipolla Rossa is located in the historic center of Florence, near the church of San Lorenzo; is a historic restaurant, open since 1888, and has a long tradition in the preparation of the Florentine steak.

Steak in Florence

The Steak

The Florentine steak at the Osteria Cipolla Rossa is a real treat for the palate. It is prepared with high quality meat from local farms in Tuscany. The meat is cut by hand and cooked on the grill, served on a wooden chopping board with roasted potatoes and beans in oil. Osteria Cipolla Rossa is a rustic and informal restaurant, with a welcoming and convivial atmosphere. The stone walls, the wooden tables and the bottles of wine on the walls create a warm and familiar atmosphere. The staff are friendly and helpful, and will make you feel right at home.


Osteria Cipolla Rossa has a wide selection of local and national wines, perfect to accompany the Florentine steak. The restaurant staff will be happy to recommend the right wine for your meal.

Our staff will answer you as soon as possible.
Osteria Cipolla Rossa
Via dei conti, 53/r – 50123 – Florence (FI)
Tel : 055 214210 ‎

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