Steak in Florence – The art of grilling and the quality of the ingredients

A gastronomic experience to remember

The Florentine steak is a dish that reflects the culture and culinary tradition of Florence. Prepared with high quality beef, grilled and served rare, this dish stands out for its juiciness and unique flavour. At Osteria Cipolla Rossa, we are committed to preserving the authenticity of the Florentine steak, selecting only the best cuts of meat from local farms and scrupulously following the recipes handed down over time.

Osteria Cipolla Rossa

The art of grilling and the quality of the ingredients

To offer an excellent culinary experience, we take care of every detail of the Florentine steak preparation process. Our expert chefs are masters in the art of grilling, ensuring each cut of meat is cooked to perfection, maintaining tenderness and authentic taste. We only use oak wood for our grill, giving the steak an irresistible smoky aroma. In addition to the impeccable grilling, we carefully select the ingredients to accompany the steak, ensuring a balanced and delicious combination of flavours.

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Osteria Cipolla Rossa

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