The real Florentine steak experience in the heart of Florence

If you are looking for a restaurant where you can taste the famous Florentine steak, you cannot miss the Bistecca Restaurant. Located in the historic center of Florence, this restaurant offers an authentic and unforgettable experience for all meat lovers.

The real star of the Osteria Cipolla Rossa menu is, of course, the Florentine steak. The meat used is of high quality, coming from selected farms in Tuscany, and is cooked to perfection on the grill. The steak is served on a wooden board, with seasonal side dishes and a large selection of Italian wines.

If you are a lover of Italian gastronomy and want to try one of the most delicious and renowned dishes of the Tuscan culinary scene, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Osteria Cipolla Rossa in Florence, where you can taste the best Florentine steak in the city. In a welcoming and authentic atmosphere, our restaurant offers an unforgettable culinary experience, marrying the Tuscan food and wine tradition with a touch of modernity. Discover with us what makes our Florentine steak so special and why you should include a visit to our restaurant in your travel itinerary.

In addition to steak, the menu of Osteria Cipolla Rossa offers a wide selection of appetizers, first courses and desserts, all prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients quality. Among the most famous dishes on the menu we find the ribollita, pasta with wild boar sauce and ricotta tart.

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Osteria Cipolla Rossa
Via dei conti, 53/r – 50123 – Florence (FI)
Tel : 055 214210 ‎

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